July 15, 2024

The purpose of Eye-Lashes and Eye-Brows

You may think that eyebrows are only there to show expressions, and eye lashes are there to flirt with someone, but there’s more to it.

Thick eyelashes and thick eyebrows are in right now, fashion wise. But did you know that eyelashes and eyebrows perform other functions other than showing expressions? They help protect our eyes from the outside world.

Raising a few eyebrows

The main functions of eyebrows are to keep moisture and sweat away from the eyes. The arching shape of the eyebrows is to direct moisture and sweat away to the side of our face, keeping the liquid away from our eyes, whether it be a rainy day or due to an intense workout.

Because we now know the function of eyebrows, we should take special consideration when we groom the eyebrows and also because they make our face more expressive, it is an important part of our face. If we pluck the eyebrow hair too thin or shave them, they will not be able to function and do their job.

Batting those Lashes

Like our eyebrows do the important functions of keeping the moisture out of the eyes, the eye lashes perform the important function of keeping airborne debris out of our eyes, including dust, sand and dirt. They work like fences, i.e. when the eyelashes close the eye cannot be affected by dirt, dust and sand. Eyelashes are also highly sensitive and trigger a reflex response. If something touches them, our instinctive reaction is to blink so that the foreign object can’t reach the eye!

While eyebrow hairs take several months to grow out again, the eyelashes take just a few weeks to grow out. So if the eyelashes fall it won’t take much time to grow out again. Some conditions are present which can negatively affect the eyelashes on our head.

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