July 15, 2024

How to care for your eyes during monsoon

The quintessential monsoon in Mumbai which is marred with continuous rainfall is not just for the awesome mausum, the great food, long lazy-drive and drenched treks, it is also about vector-borne diseases, viral fevers and eye infections. It is seen that the change in weather can easily cause certain fevers and infections as people grip to changes in regular life in the city.

Here are a few tips which you should follow this monsoon:

Maintain cleanliness

Make sure that you wash your face, hands and legs everytime you come back from the rain into your home. A hot water bath is ideal before hitting bed.

Use separate towels

Use separate towels, tissues and handkerchiefs for wiping your body and face during the monsoon. If you use the same cloth to wipe all this there are chances that you may transfer some germs and microbes which will infect your eyes.

Care for eyewear

Make sure that your eyeglasses are cleaned everytime you step outside in the rains. Those wearing high powered spectacles should make sure that there should be a spare pair with themselves handy.

Lens wearers need to be careful

Keep a spare lens, lens case and lens lotion handy. If you wear lenses, make sure that they don’t get blown away, or get dirt inside the eye through the lenses. Protective shades will come in handy during such situations.

Avoid rain water directly on your eyes

Try not to get rain water directly into your eyes. There may be inclination to look up to the sky and wash your eyes with rain water, the problem is that there is a lot of dirt, germs and pollutants which get trapped in the rain water as they are falling down, which are harmful to the eyes.

Splash eyes gently with water

Using clean water, splash your eyes gently to help refresh them. Do this atleast once a day to get rid of fatigue. Wash your hands frequently and clean your eyes with water only after washing your hands thoroughly.

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