July 16, 2024

Best eye care tips for a safe Holi

Holi is one of the festivals which everyone looks forward to. It is a colorful festival and playing it with safety measures will only make it a better day of fun and frolic. There are a handful of eye care tips for Holi you should keep in mind this year. Even though you might use organic Holi colors, it is always better to protect your eyes from the color while playing.

Playing Holi safely should be the first thing in your mind. Following eye care tips should be explained to kids to keep them aware of how to protect their eyes from Holi colors. The basic thing you should do when you get the color in your eyes is to rinse it well with clear running water. If the itching continues, then it is best to visit an Ophthalmologist. If you ignore this, it can cause eye problems like – constant eye irritation and can lead to temporary blindness.

Good Eye care tips for a safe and joyful Holi

The first and utmost important step is to cover your eyes. If someone smudges color on your face, the first thing you should do is to close your eyes and will be best to cover your eyes with your palms.

Apply a good moisturizer or cold cream around your eyes to avoid getting any colour. The cream acts as a shield from Holi colours because of it’s oily cream base. It protects the direct contact of colour with skin.

Another important thing is to avoid wearing contact lenses while playing Holi. If you cannot do without lenses then make sure you avoid getting color in your eyes. If it gets into your eye, discard the contact lenses.

The best eye care tip for Holi is to wear sunglasses to shade and protect your eyes from Holi colours. It will protect your eyes from coloured water while playing Holi.

If colour gets into your eyes, the first thing you should do is rinse your eye with clear running water, two to three times. If it is causing any irritation avoid rubbing the eye. Rubbing may aggravate the situation, best will be to visit an Ophthalmologist for further treatment.

Before you play Holi, rub coconut oil around your eye. Just like moisturizer, coconut oil will also prevent the colour from entering your eye. This is the best and natural eye care tip to follow while playing Holi.

Tie your hair while playing Holi. If the hair gets wet it will stop the colour from dripping into your eyes. It is a basic and effective eye care tip while playing Holi.

An hour before you begin, place two bread slices in the freezer. You can use these bread slices as compressor if you get Holi color in your eyes. It helps to stop irritation and inflammation too.

Eye Solutions Clinic wishes you a very Happy and Safe Holi !

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