July 15, 2024

8 Best Eye Care Tips for a Joyful Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights. This and one of the most beautiful festivals with sparkling lights and spectacular firecrackers. This brings fun, joy, and togetherness. Diwali celebrations mean lots of fun and enjoyment, Unfortunately, improper handling and playing with fireworks account for thousands of emergency room visits each year during the festival. Eyes are the second-most common affected area after the hands and fingers.  Most people do not think of the accidents that could occur during the festivities, due to the fireworks and sparklers. The main cause of injuries on Diwali is the lack of appropriate safety measure during playing with crackers.

Due to serious issues like eye health and safety risks involved, medical experts strongly discourage firework play of any kind. Playing with firecrackers and sparkles without taking care or with a carefree attitude could be very dangerous.

  • Safe Distance – One should always maintain a safe distance while playing with fireworks. Most fireworks contain gunpowder, which causes an explosion in these devices. Because fireworks are unpredictable, injuries can occur even if the person is careful or is under supervision. Nearly 40 percent of fireworks injuries are to bystanders. Maintaining a safe can ensure less harm in case of a mishap.
  • Mishandling of Crackers –  Crackers are already dangerous in the first place, mishandling makes them even more dangerous. Here are 10 safety measure that can ensure joyous Diwali free of any mishap. Do not cover crackers with glass bottles, tins, boxes or earthen pots for sound effects. They can burst into tiny pieces and can damage the eyes forever. Also, do not go near crackers that have failed to explode.
  • Choice of Clothes – Loose clothes that can flutter should be avoided around crackers. Loose clothes can easily come in contact with flame unaware to the person. Crackers like anaar and bottle rocket come in contact with the loose clothes easily.
  • Taking care of eye lenses –  Wearing contact lenses while watching or bursting crackers is not advisable. Contact lenses can cause irritation to the eyes if exposed to high heat for a longer period of time. Wear some eye protection while carrying out the lighting of firecrackers.
  • Burst Crackers in open space – A open area reduces the chances of anything going wrong. Harm to eyes from the smokes coming out from the bursting of cracking will have a lesser effect in the open area.
  • Wash hand properly – Colors of rangoli and firecrackers have harmful chemicals in them. Make sure you wash your hands properly after making a rangoli or handling fireworks, and before you touch your eyes. The coloured powder, chalk powder and chemicals from the crackers may cause eye irritation and itchiness and in certain cases, irreparable damage.
  • Rush to emergency –  A medical professional should be contacted right away in case of my mishap or damage to the eye. If a splinter or anything that’s hot and burning gets in touch with the eyes immediately wash with lots of clean water. Until you reach the doctor you can also apply some ice or cold compress if possible. Many eye hospitals keep special night and emergency facilities on Diwali open.
  • Wear a spectacle-  Wearing a simple plain spectacle and prove very beneficial. This will protect eye by acting as a shield to any foreign bodies.

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